Saving American Businesses

Saving American Businesses

I recently stumbled upon this open letter to the president where Jack Stack, CEO of SRC Holding Corp., makes a compelling argument for saving small business in America. One of the most noteable insights is that the innovation and driving force is not going to come from large companies anymore, but from the smaller ones. There is a bigger push these days for younger employees to start their own businesses and become part of the new ownership society. It sounds like a great idea and the more support we get for this new direction, the better.

You should remind them that, when they pass laws and makes rules, they need to think more about the effect the changes will have on small entrepreneurial companies. That's where the future lies. We're not going to see any more Microsofts or Wal-Marts being built from the ground up. Big companies aren't where it's at. Young people are instead starting their own small businesses in the communities where they live. Local organizations like the chambers of commerce are helping these upstarts, but the federal government has done little or nothing for them, as far as I can tell. If that's going to change, you'll have to lead the way.
But enough. By now you're undoubtedly asking, "Who are these guys, and what do they really know about the U.S. economy and global economics?" Well, we're just an employee-owned company that loves hearing you talk about creating an ownership society. We realize that at the end of the day, quarter, year, or even the end of a presidential term, change begins at home. The revolution starts with us on the factory floors and in the service bays. It is our responsibility to make sure we are capable of competing and contributing to a better community and a better quality of life here and throughout the world.

There are some resounding truths and insights in this article that just can't be ignored. It's interesting to see someone writing an informed letter on it.

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