Canoo Engineering: Do they suck as bad as they say they do?

Canoo Engineering: Do they suck as bad as they say they do?

Just found a great article on a writer who was reviewing the ULC product for Canoo Engineering. Due to restrictive licensing, terms of use, and high cost, the review ran into delays.

They sent me back a licence that only allows me to use the software in one virtual machine in one computer at a time, in my house. I am not allowed to reverse engineer the product. I can't even draw diagrams of how the system might work, so I certainly can't talk about that in my review.
The review later found that the ULC product is overpriced and really just sucks.
The people at Canoo Engineering aren't nice and they're not my friends. They're self-absorbed automatons, hawking incomprehensible wares at ridiculous prices and trying to buddy-up with writers in our little Java development community so we'll vomit forth blushworthy prose about their "miraculous new MVC client software".
This all leads to the burning question: Do they really suck as bad as they say they do? They really didn't seem to know what they were talking about, what their product does, or even what they do. Here's a quote from one of their engineers.
Consider these two quotes (from the same person): "The server-side is exposed to the developer whereas the client-side is hidden." "With ULC a developer has to implement an application's presentation layer."

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